Kevin Huizenga

Glenn Ganges in: The River at Night Special Bundle

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Kevin Huizenga

216 pages
Full color
Foil embossed cloth hardcover with reversible double sided dustjacket

All Orders Include: Four color risograph print and 20 page Riverside Companion #1 zine while supply lasts.

Collects #1-6 of multiple award-winning series GANGES.

"Glenn Ganges in: The River at Night is perilously philosophical, goofily logical, lovingly wild. In Huizenga's hands, an ordinary day reveals its acme holes of infinite regress and counterfactual calamity. A wonderful book, to read and read again." Rivka Galchen, author of Atmospheric Disturbances and Little Labours

"Unexpectedly poignant and occasionally magical... While Huizenga’s architectural, fine-line style is clearly influenced by Chris Ware... the vast spaciousness of this surreal night flight is all his own. Glenn’s reveries will pull readers into multiple deserved rereadings".  Publishers Weekly

"A mix of John McPhee and Richard McGuire’s “Here,” The River at Night is about making the best of life when you know that the world’s been around for billions of years and will go on long after you, too, are gone. How wonderful to spend time with these sweet, gentle characters as they stare straight into the unfeeling universe and decide to make the best of it. A truly beautiful book."  Paul Ford, National Magazine Award-winning Technology Critic

"Wow! I was not prepared for this: The River at Night is a surprising, beautifully rendered, mind-expanding, heartwarming exploration of what it means to be human, to have thoughts, to lie in bed all night after guzzling too much coffee, to follow your thoughts on a journey that maps the universe and makes light of the electrical activity of a brilliant mind. Kevin Huizenga is a kind of dreamer who gets us to think, to love what's in our heads, to love what's in his. Everybody will dig this book!"  Matthew Klam, author of Who is Rich?