21st film thinker set

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Film Criticism set

3 book set
450 + pages 
B/W & color
hardcover / Softcover

Three books for the 21st century film viewer

Set includes:
The Earth Dies Streaming
  A.S. Hamrah's essential reviews for N+1 collected in one handy book. Pithy and insightful, Hamrah is one of the only current film critics worth paying attention to. 
Shots in the Dark
Novelist and critic Jonathan Baumbach was a contributor to Film Culture in the late 1950s, and then was the film critic for the Partisan Review from the 1970s through the early 1980s. His essays touched on a range of interests, including the legacy of French New Wave, the rise of New Hollywood, and the critical reputation of Pauline Kael. Though he was a contemporary of Kael, Andrew Sarris and others in the "Golden Age" of film criticism, Baumbach's writing on cinema has never before been collected in one place. Shots in the Dark will bring this significant body of work together for the first time.
Brandon Kearney's Official On Cinema at the Cinema Reader