Jordan Crane

I am One

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Edition of 44, titled and signed by J. Crane

23.8" x 17" on 110lb acid free stock

This is the 1st print of a set of 30, a print from each page of We are all Me.

2 color print, yellow and black.

At first, it looks at first like one color, but there's a subtle underprint of yellow radiant lines.  The yellow itself is not visible, but the imprint of the lines are visible in good light with a sharp eye.

Inks are high-pigment mixtures, using Permaprint & Nazdar ink as a starting point, then adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that.   Printed on thick 110 lb. archival stock, Neenah Classic Crest cream.

Inks mixed and hand pulled in Los Angeles by Jordan Crane.