Johnny Ryan

Prison Pit

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Prison Pit Silkscreen Poster

Signed by Johnny Ryan

17" x 23" on 110lb acid free stock

5 color screenprint.

Inks are high-pigment mixtures, printed on thick 110 lb. archival stock, Neenah Classic Crest cream.

PRE ORDER NOTE: All orders will be shipped out mid October. 

To celebrate the completion of one of the great modern masterpieces and it's recent Ulysses-like omnibus collection, we thought three cheers were in order in the form of a big gorgeous silkscreen print done up spiff. Unlike anything published in America, and a huge 180 turn from the humor comics Ryan had made his name on, Prison Pit is an unpretentious, ambitious epic of gore, monsters, homoeroticism, and destruction. Aggressively, unwaveringly single minded in it's nihilism, Ryan's commitment and labor belies the goodwill it takes to produce such a giant "FUCK YOU" at the universe.