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Mothers News back issue bundle

Back issue bundle of the acclaimed and influential newsprint magazine Mothers News, out of Providence RI. Mothers News was a sprawling and joyous explosion- a monthly newspaper about topics from the celestial to the mundane, distributed freely in the streets to a general populace and supported by local businesses. With intricate, thoughtful, otherworldly design and writing by colossal dreamweaver Jacob Berendes, plus exclusive comics from CF, Mickey Zacchilli, Arthur Katrina, Michael DeForge, Brian Chippendale, and more.

Included in this bundle are are at least 14 original issues from the 41 issue run, including the Evening Edition, the Photo Issue, the All-Frog issue, the Fashion Issue, Pancake Recipe, Monsters News, and more.

"hyper, delirious, and weird. ...essential reading." - Paris Review

"The United States’ only worthwhile newspaper... an ebullient and funny and devastatingly smart project." - Grace Ambrose

"Mothers News is the Velvet Underground of newspapers- they didn't sell a lot of copies but everyone that got one started their own newspaper." - Jones Chandler